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Busy Busy Busy!!!

Ohayou Minna-san!! Ive been so busy since I first posted @-@ like crazy busy!! Work has kept me on my toes. I work at a hotel, Ramada Encore to be exact, so its a stressful job with many awkward customers but I still love it! Its been so busy due to the nice weather finally arriving in England!! YAAAAYYY!! Although i'm at work when the sun rises til the sun sets so it'll be nice to have a day off tomorrow at long last!!
This is my view in the mornings =]

I went to the beach the other day to enjoy the sun and I took my books to study some Japanese whilst I was there. The sun actually made me study better so I think another day at the beach is in order ^^

Trying to prepare for studying abroad in Japan in the summer!! Banzaiiii!!
So looking forward to it, its been a major dream since I was around 5 =] Hopefully ill get to see NEWS or KAT-TUN whilst im there too ^^ Uwaaaah what I would do to see them live!!

I am excited however that I get to see Perfume live in July!!!! Waaaaah >_< i'm so lucky to get those tickets!!! So gonna geek out at them!! They are such pretty and talented ladies and its shown how famous they are if the tickets sell out within an hour. Well I mean they can sell out the largest arenas back in Japan so it isn't surprising that they have become well known internationally.

Today at work I gave my colleague his geisha tattoo design he requested ^-^ he was over the moon with it and told me I HAVE to become a professional! hahaha! I'm flattered and happy that he liked it so much! What do you guys think?

That's all for now ^_^ matane!

Love & War

Ano ne Kim Jong Un is a giant baka!! Shame that my first entry has to be about this but it looks like asia is going to be bombed off the map before i get the chance to study there next year =[ Why does this twisted crazy little man decide he wants to nuke everyone? wtf gives him the right? At least my dad isnt in the army anymore so i dont have to worry about him not coming home when it goes global......kim-jong-un-meme-e1365295475770

In other news ^^ waaaah my KAT-TUN DVD'S arrived!!!!! ooh Kame-chan hes just too sexy!!! Still my favourite has to be Tego and his super kawaii blondeness!!

Laters xx



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